SILHOUETTE BROWN - Two - 2000 Black (CD 006)

Silhouette Brown is a musical project from London producers Dennis “Dego” McFarlane and Kaidi Tatham. This is their second studio album and comes several years after their much acclaimed self titled debut release (and one of my top 10 albums of the nouties decade).

Where as the first album featured the smooth vocals of Deborah Jordan, this release is written and produced not only Dego and Kaidi Tatham but also Bembe Segue who offers vocals along side the awesome Lady Alma.

Two is now out on Dego's own record label 2000 Black Records. Here's the track listing:-

Bitter Pills & Butterflies
Casualties Of Honey
Constant Questions
Fools Gold
Get With It feat. Sadat X
Hear Them Often Say
Leave A Note
Strawberries In Vinegar
We Used To Run Steady

Also released on the Japanese imprint Especial Records, is a 6 track album sampler that includes the following tracks:-

Leave A Note featuring Lady Alma
Leave A Note (instrumental mix)
Strawberries In Vinegar
Get With It (feat Sadat X)
Get With It (instrumental mix)
Casualties Of Honey

This is going to be one of the albums of the year without a shadow (or should that be Silhouette) of doubt.


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